Building waste process

Building waste process

Aggregate material recovery which derive from demolition

The demolition materials – such as bricks, plasters, reinforced concrete conglomerates (or other types of conglomerates) and natural aggregate materials, such as digging rocks – can be recovered pursuant to the procedures stated by the MD of 05/02/1998 and turned into secondary raw materials for the construction industry through the aggregate crushing process. To satisfy the requirements of the construction market, Gruppo Tironi currently has:

  • a storage area with a surface of about 1,500 square meters which permits the temporary accumulation of the recoverable waste in the delivery and assessment phases.
  • an aggregate crushing plant, which is composed of machines suitable for completing the crushing cycle (milling, screening, granulometric selection and separation of the metal portions from those unsuitable).

Gruppo Tironi is generally able to recover up to 70,000 tonnes of bricks, plasters and reinforced concrete conglomerates (or other types of conglomerates) per year.

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